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Oh, hello.  I have been working at ThoughtWorks for the past 8 1/2 years, for the most part as a rockstar Business Analyst and Coach.  Currently I am the Practice Lead for North America.

This adventure has so far taken me to 30+ client companies spanning over 4 continents, 8 countries, 20 cities, and still counting.

… then I realised I should put the day-to-day musings, thoughts and learning ropes somewhere for the benefit of the greater community, beyond just BA circles.  Which is what this blog aims to do.  In doing so, I hope it will help demystify some of the puzzles, big or small.  You are more than welcomed to share yours.

Here is my profile on LinkedIn, or an info-graphic.  The occasional rambling can be found here @jenny_wong.  Or publishing articles on ThoughtWorks Insights here and here.


Conferences, talks and workshops

Outside of project work, I train our analysts internally within ThoughtWorks as well as speaking at software related conferences in various places: meeting people with similar goals, sharing some analyst goodness along the way.

2013 From sketches to code, the Agile way, Agile Brazil

2012 The role of Agile analysis in Continuous Delivery, Agile Brazil

About - Jenny Wong

2011 Slicing and dicing your user stories, Agile Brazil

2010 Kickstarting an Agile project, XP2010 Norway

2009 XP Values and Practices, Skillsmatter London




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