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Agile Brazil 2011 talk slides

Two weeks ago Danilo Sato and I had spoken about the techniques on how to define a big chunk of feature into something that can be consumed by the development team, at the Agile Brazil 2011 conference in Fortaleza.

The motivation behind this is to get people involved in development team, from the immediate team members to product owners and beyond, to think about how to articulate and express feature wants and ideas in a form that will best deliver the most valuable goals in an iterative way.  Splitting large chunks of features into stories has been one of those topics that very few people have mastered, and for the most part the precise techniques are largely unknown.  For this talk we used a worked example to demonstrate how to slice and dice a high-level feature in multiple ways that help address different priorities, which could be business driven or technically driven.  We then shared ways that we use to help stakeholders keep track of stories that had been split as a result of delivering features iteratively.

The slides for the talk, “Slicing and dicing your user stories“, is now available on SlideShare:

Feedback and thoughts welcomed.