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XP 2010: Kickstarting an Agile project

My XP2010 session proposal has been accepted!

The session is called Inception Workshop: Kickstarting an Agile project.  It is a workshop-based session to explore the tools used to initiate an Agile project.  This is an opportunity to not just talk about, but actually simulate a range of tools used in the context of a given business problem.  Often times you only get to hear about these tools & techniques, but just hearing about it is not quite the same as seeing it in play.  Aside from sharing what tools could be used, I am also interested in hearing the experience of other Agile projects, and how different teams initiate their projects.

Another different approach to talk about this traditionally analyst-led effort is that I will be co-presenting this session with Danilo Sato.  By looking at this from both an analyst’s and a developer’s point of view, we are able to present this topic from both technical and analytical perspectives.

XP2010 will be held at Trondheim, Norway. More details – for those who have registered at the event, it can be found here http://xp2010.agilealliance.org/node/5380.